9 Animals With 6 Legs (+Images)

Animals with six legs are called hexapods. Hexapods include insects, spiders, scorpions, centipedes, millipedes, and crustaceans.

Some of these creatures also have eight or fewer legs, such as crabs and lobsters.

What kind of animal has 6 legs?

These are some of animals with 6 legs :

  • Flies
  • beetles
  • Dragonfly 
  • gladiator spider
  • bug
  • ants
  • Butterflies
  • praying mantis
  • Bumble bees

 Animals With 6 Legs : 


Flies are insects that belong to the order Diptera (meaning two wings). They are often mistaken for mosquitoes because they both have long bodies and four pairs of wings. Flies have six segments in their body, unlike mosquitoes who only have five.

Flies have three sets of muscles that allow them to move their legs. The first pair of muscles are attached to the thorax and contract to lift the front leg off the ground. Then, the middle pair of muscles pull the leg back down. Finally, the third pair of muscles push the leg forward.

Flies have four wings, two pairs of them. The front pair of wings are called forelegs and the back pair are called hindlegs.

Flies also have six legs, three pairs of them. The first pair of legs are called antennae or antennules, the second pair are called prothoracic legs, and the third pair are called mesothoracic legs.

Flies have four wings, but they only have two pairs of legs. How does that happen? Well, each wing has two sets of veins, and these are connected to the body through a series of joints. When a fly moves its wings, the joints move too. This means that the wings don’t stay still, even though they look like they are


Beetles are fascinating creatures. They are found everywhere from deserts to rainforests, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. How many legs does a beetle usually have?

Beetles are insects belonging to the order Coleoptera. There are over 20,000 species of beetles worldwide. Most of them are wingless and live underground or in moist environments.

Most beetles have six pairs of legs. The number of legs varies depending on the type of beetle. Some have four pairs of wings, while some only have two.

When a beetle moves its legs, it uses muscles in its back leg to push off from the ground. The other two legs then help support the weight of the body while the first leg pushes forward again. This process repeats until the beetle reaches its destination.

The fastest beetle ever recorded was able to reach speeds of up to 140 miles per hour. Some species can jump from 30 feet high. 


There are over 2,500 species of dragonflies in the world. How many legs do they have?

Dragonflies are insectivorous aquatic insects belonging to the order Odonata (Greek for ‘beak’). They are characterised by having two pairs of large membranous wings covered with long hairs, a pair of slender cerci at the tip of the abdomen, and a very short tail. The body length ranges from 3–30 cm.

They have six legs, four of which are long and thin. These are called halteres. The other two are shorter and thicker. These are known as coxae. There are three types of coxa. The first type has a single jointed claw, the second has two joints, and the third has three joints.

Dragonflies use their wings to fly. They also use their legs to walk around and eat insects such as mosquitoes. When they want to rest, they fold up their legs and hold them against their body.

The fastest dragonfly moves at about 25 miles per hour. They also have a lifespan of only two weeks. However, they are known for their beauty and grace.

gladiator spider

Gladiator spiders live in caves, and they eat insects such as cockroaches. They also hunt for prey using their silk webs. The average lifespan of a female gladiator spider is about one year.

Gladiator spiders have six legs. The spider has  legs because they use them for balance. When the spider is upside down, the legs help keep the spider from falling over.

The Gladiators spider moves its legs using a series of muscles called “muscles” that are attached to small bones called “joints”. Each joint has two parts: a ball and a socket. When the spider wants to move one leg, it contracts the muscle that connects the joint to the leg. This causes the joint to rotate around the socket. Then, the other leg moves in the opposite direction.

Gladiator spiders are among the fastest animals on earth. They can reach speeds up to 60 miles per hour. The average speed for a human at normal walking pace is about 4 mph


Bugs are creepy crawlers, aren’t they? They crawl around our homes, eat our food, and even bite us. How many legs do they have?

Bugs come in all shapes and sizes. Some are winged, some are furry, and some are flat. There are over 20,000 species of insects in the world today. And although they look scary, they don’t pose much danger to humans.

Bugs have six legs. They move fast and  adapt quickly to changing conditions and they do not care about what other people think. Bugs are also very intelligent and they use all available information to find solutions.

Bugs move their legs using muscles in their back legs. They use their front legs to push themselves forward, and then they use their back legs to pull themselves backward.


Ants are fascinating creatures. They live in colonies and they communicate through pheromones. The question is, how many legs does an ant have?

Ants are social insects that live in colonies. Each colony has a queen who lays eggs and workers who care for the young. Workers also carry food back to their nestmates.

Ants have six legs. The first two legs are used for walking, while the last four legs are used for carrying food.

Ants use their legs for walking, running, jumping, climbing, and digging. They also use them to communicate with other ants through pheromones. Pheromone communication enables ants to coordinate activities such as finding food sources, defending against predators, and locating mates.

Ants use pheromones to communicate information about where they are going. When an ant wants to go somewhere, she releases chemicals called pheromones that attract other ants. The pheromone attracts other ants, which then follow the trail left behind by the first ant. This process continues until all the ants reach their destination.


Butterflies have four pairs of wings, two sets of antennae, six eyes, and six legs. How many legs does a butterfly have?

Butterflies have six legs. They have six legs because they are insects. Insects have six legs because they walk on their feet. But they don’t use them all at once. They only use two legs when landing on flowers, and the other four when flying.

The average speed of a butterfly is about 1.5 miles per hour. This means that a butterfly can cover a distance of about 2.8 miles in one hour.

The wings of butterflies are made up of tiny air sacs called pouches. When they flap their wings, these pouches expand and contract. This causes the butterfly’s body to move forward.

praying mantis

Have you ever wondered how many legs a praying mantis has? The answer is six. This insect is well known for its unusual appearance, especially its long antennae.

Praying mantises belong to the order Mantodea. They are considered to be one of the oldest orders of insects, dating back to the Paleozoic era (about 500 million years ago). There are over 2,500 species of them worldwide.

They are also called “fireflies” because their body glows in the dark. Their eyes glow red or yellow, depending on the species. Some species even emit light from their wings.

They move faster than any other insect. The fastest speed for a praying mantis is about 1 meter per second.

The praying mantises’ legs are attached to the body using a joint called the coxa. When they need to move their legs, the coxae rotate around each other like a hinge. This allows them to bend their bodies into any position.


Bumble bees carry pollen on their legs. The pollen they carry helps them fertilize flowers. Pollen is used for food by honeybees.

Bumblebees fly at about 20 miles per hour, which means they can cover a distance of about 100 feet in one second. This makes them faster than any other flying insect.

Bumblebees have four pairs of wings, two antennae, six legs, and a body length of about 2 inches. The bee has three types of eyes: compound eyes, ocelli, and simple eyes.

The Bumble bee has two pairs of wings, which allows them to fly. They use their hind legs for walking and moving around. Their front legs are used for steering while they walk. When they want to go back home, they use their wings to glide.

Bumblebees usually live between two to four weeks. They spend about half of their life flying around searching for food. The other half they spend building nests and raising their young.

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